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Help children and teens build a lifetime of health and wellness through the practice of yoga.

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Gain the teaching skills, knowledge, and mastery to expand your reach and bring yoga to children and teens. Yoga Ed.’s evidence-based Institutes and continuing education workshops equip you with the understanding and confidence to effectively tailor yoga classes to younger students. Or get lesson-planning inspiration for your kids and teens classes with our online yoga class library.


Did you know? The number of children and teens who practice yoga is on the rise. Meet the demand for children’s yoga and expand your class offerings to reach school districts, healthcare facilities, and family programs. Learn More

  • School-based yoga classes
  • Summer program / camps
  • Yoga classes for student athletes
  • Teen studio programs
  • After-school programs
  • Yoga classes for at-risk youth

Making a Living while Making a Difference

Find out how yoga instructors are putting Yoga Ed. to work, helping to expand their business while spreading the joy of yoga to youth in their communities.