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Schools are facing a mental health crisis.

Our teachers and students are not well. They need something to help them feel better, but we can’t ask them to do another thing. They need a solution for when the school day is stressful that reduces their stress. A solution for when they are feeling anxious that helps them calm down and relax. Because at the end of the day, how healthy and well teachers are feeling affects their ability to teach, and how healthy and well our students are feeling affects their ability to learn.

Why Yoga Ed.

Yoga Ed. helps you feel better.


By educators for educators

We’ve been where you are. Our team of teachers and school staff deeply understands your needs and is here to help.


Accessibility as a priority

Increasing access to wellness is our core value. The majority of our wellness activities can be done with no extra equipment or supplies.


Backed by science

Our programs have ESSA Tier 1 Strong Evidence to support its use in schools. Studies have found benefits for physical and mental health.

Mindful Movement Program

Customized programs to meet your needs

Designed by educators and mental health professionals, Yoga Ed.’s accessible wellness program easily integrates into your school culture to reduce stress and anxiety, build resilience, and develop a climate of wellbeing.

Online Wellness Platform for Educators and Students

Sustainability can only be achieved by effective implementation. That’s where our interactive online platform comes in. The library includes over 500 breathing exercises, mindful moments, brain breaks, yoga classes, classroom activities, and relaxations to support student and teacher wellbeing.

To help educators and students integrate wellness into their school day, our online platform includes activities by:

  • Grade: find classes by developmentally appropriate age groups
  • Type: choose from activities on the chair or on the mat
  • Time: classes range from 1 minute to 30 minutes long
  • All classes include lesson plans, assessments, and instructional scripts

In addition, educators will gain access to our full resource library of mini-courses, webinars, toolkits, posters, and classroom ideas.

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Professional Development for Educators

Online or In-Person

Yoga Ed.’s live professional development workshops are interactive learning opportunities designed to provide educators with a firm understanding of a focus subject, including teacher wellness, classroom wellness, social-emotional learning, trauma-informed practices, and/or mental health.

Rest assured, the purpose of our professional development is not to give you another thing that your teachers to do. The purpose of our time together is to help your teachers learn practical, evidence-based methods to support themeselves and their students throughout the schoold ay.

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Effective Implementation

Wraparound support services

1:1 & Group Wellness Coaching Sessions

We engage in collaborative coaching sessions with you and your staff throughout the school year to understand your school’s unique challenges, brainstorm potential solutions, and identify actionable strategies to work towards your wellness goals.


We recognize that the only way to know if we are achieving our goals of sustainably improving health and wellness is to measure it. That’s why your program includes comprehensive reporting to understand and enhance program efficacy.

Globally implemented, locally recognised









District-wide and school-wide programming

Student voices

“When you need a little break, you can always take 3x deep breaths.”

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to students talking about how yoga and mindfulness has changed their lives.

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