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    Empower your school community with mindful movement.

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support student and teacher health and
wellness, at a time when they need it most.

Our Mindful Movement Program is intended to be woven into the fabric of your school culture. The program can
integrate seamlessly into your existing curriculum, initiatives, and school day without being something additional
that teachers need to do.

Our evidence-based curriculum – aligned with national and international Health and PE Standards and CASEL’s
social-emotional learning framework – is proven to improve physical, mental, emotional, and social health.

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for in-person, hybrid, or virtual school days

Yoga and mindfulness can be used as:

  • Brain breaks throughout the school day
  • Morning mindfulness during morning meetings
  • Physical education classes
  • Health education classes
  • Teacher health and wellness program
  • Indoor recess
  • Yoga and mindfulness classes to support existing SEL instruction

flexible options for school programming

Yoga Ed. gives you the option to choose from Online Yoga and Mindfulness Classes and/or Online Professional Development led by our certified Education Specialists to create the program that works best for your school.

Online Classes for Students & Educators

  • 550+ online classes to fit within the school schedule, ranging from 1 – 60 minutes long
  • Meet National PE and Health Standards and include lesson plans and assessments
  • Complements CASEL for building Social-Emotional Learning competencies
  • Select from developmentally-appropriate classes, broken into grade groups to meet specific needs of students by age
  • Available across multiple teaching devices (interactive white boards, TV screens, computers, iPads)
  • Includes Adult Yoga Classes, perfect for staff wellness
  • Engage your entire school community with our Family Yoga Classes

Online Professional Development for Educators

  • 100% online, flexible PD over 6-8 weeks that educators can take anywhere
  • Focus on the skills and confidence to proctor and lead yoga and mindfulness classes in their classrooms to support student health
  • Your educators and support staff can choose from a selection of courses to best support their students
  • 85% course completion rate for flexible teacher professional development
  • Streamable on all devices: laptop, tablet, phone
  • Graduate-level academic credit available for teachers seeking to fulfill continuing education requirements

accessible pricing
for accessible programming

Pricing starts at $2,390 for an entire school.

Interested in federal funding options available to help support mental health and social-emotional learning programs for your school or district? Currently, there are federal, state, and local funding programs available that can be used to purchase programs that support social-emotional learning and mental health. Download our new school funding guide to learn more about such funding opportunities.

Download the funding guide.
chair yoga for teens in classroom

evidence-based programs

Proven to improve physical and mental health.

Yoga Ed. programs have ESSA Tier 1 Strong Evidence to support its use in schools. Studies conducted by Harvard, Tulane, and California State University of Fullerton have found that Yoga Ed. programs can improve physical, mental, emotional, and social health for all ages.

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supports social-emotional learning

And meets national PE & health standards.

Our proprietary curriculum is the foundation of all of our programs. The curriculum is aligned with the CASEL framework to support social-emotional learning competencies. Additionally, the Yoga Ed. curriculum meets National P.E. and Health Standards while also being uniquely designed to address core needs of educators and their students.

Download a Curriculum Sample
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what schools are saying

“Mindfulness and yoga have been a critical part of our approach to our wellness and health. The tools to regulate well being have made a tremendous difference from top to bottom.”

ignacio headshot

Ignacio Prado

1 2 3 4 5

Executive Director of Futuro Academy

“My staff has not been more excited or engaged during a professional development session. It was enjoyable, inspiring and informative and has translated to success in the classroom.”

justin headshot

Justin Brecht

1 2 3 4 5

Founder and Executive Director of Nevada Rise Academy

“We do yoga every day in my room and have graduated to student-led yoga! Thank you for coming and working with me and my students to make this successful”

kids doing chair yoga

Jessica Uptegrove

1 2 3 4 5

Teacher at Kalihi Elementary School

“The yoga training was excellent. Everything was very practical and easy to use. Teachers felt they’ll be able to use these tools right away. Brynne, Meagan, and Lisa were very warm, kind, knowledgeable, and efficient. I always love your genuine spirit. It makes people comfortable.”

cory headshot

Cory Green

1 2 3 4 5

Dean of Culture at Price Middle School

“After class, we moved into a learning activity, and when the activity went so smoothly one of the students suggested that it was the yoga class that allowed them to complete the project with so much ease.”

lisa headshot

Lisa Bishop

1 2 3 4 5

Teacher at Nomad School

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connect with our team to tailor a mindful movement program that meets your school’s specific needs.

Let us know what you are looking for and our team will help you design and implement a yoga program that will best serve your needs. We will review your plan for free and provide a program outline and quote for your school, including equipment (if any), time allocation each week, space, training, and technology needed.

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