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Being a parent is hard. Many of us are trying our best to parent our children in ways that we were not parented as children. While we are relearning what it means to be parents, we can sometimes slip and go back into old patterns that were taught to us. Yoga and mindfulness can provide us with tools to respond rather than react to what is happening right now. In doing so, we can better show up for both ourselves and our children. Even better, by practicing yoga as a family, we make the time to connect, attune to, and communicate with one another before we get to that point. Yoga Ed. is here to support you with yoga and mindfulness programs to do just this. Because we know that’s where your heart truly is.

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Enjoy 550+ fun, engaging classes that teach children (and adults!) life skills through yoga & mindfulness. Choose from 3, 5, 10, 15 and 30 minute classes, depending on how much time you and your kids have today.

The best part? Classes are designed to support the unique developmental needs of each age group, so your children and teens can get the most benefit from of the time they spend practicing.

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Yoga & Mindfulness Tools to Support Family Connection and Communication

With this toolkit, you can share a yoga and mindfulness practice that supports your existing rhythms and relationships as a family.

Mental Health Resources for Families

In this toolkit, you will find tangible, effective tools to nurture healthy communication and connection as we navigate this uncertain time.

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Yoga Ed. provides tools that parents and educators can use to cultivate an emotionally healthy world.