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    for your classroom

    Support SEL, increase focus, reduce stress, and improve health outcomes.

created by educators, for educators

Grounded in education, our programs help you to improve your students’ physical, mental, emotional, and social health. Yoga Ed. classes are designed to meet specific needs and outcomes, rather than simply being a fun yoga class.

Our programs are backed by research, meet national and international PE & Health standards, and support social-emotional learning competencies.

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for in-person, hybrid, or virtual school days

Yoga and mindfulness can be used as:

  • Brain breaks throughout the school day
  • Morning mindfulness during morning meetings
  • Physical education classes
  • Health education classes
  • Teacher health and wellness program
  • Indoor recess
  • Yoga and mindfulness classes to support existing SEL instruction

flexible options for school programming

Yoga Ed. gives you the option to choose from Online Yoga and Mindfulness Classes and/or Online Professional Development led by our certified Education Specialists to create the program that works best for your school.

Online Classes for Students & Educators

  • 550+ online classes to fit within the school schedule, ranging from 1 – 60 minutes long
  • Meet National PE and Health Standards and include lesson plans and assessments
  • Complements CASEL for building Social-Emotional Learning competencies
  • Select from developmentally-appropriate classes, broken into grade groups to meet specific needs of students by age
  • Available across multiple teaching devices (interactive white boards, TV screens, computers, iPads)
  • Includes Adult Yoga Classes, perfect for staff wellness
  • Engage your entire school community with our Family Yoga Classes

Online Professional Development for Educators

  • 100% online, flexible PD over 6-8 weeks that educators can take anywhere
  • Focus on the skills and confidence to proctor and lead yoga and mindfulness classes in their classrooms to support student health
  • Your educators and support staff can choose from a selection of courses to best support their students
  • Streamable on all devices: laptop, tablet, phone
  • Graduate-level academic credit available for teachers seeking to fulfill continuing education requirements

free resources for you

Teacher Appreciation Every Day: Toolkit For A Week of Teacher Self-Care

Educators, here’s to you. Enjoy a full week’s worth of simple ways to nurture your body and your mind.

Mindful Classroom Toolkit

Cultivate a culture of mindfulness in your classroom this school year with these simple mindful practices.

what educators are saying

Thank you for all the wonderful training you have provided. It has been a transformative experience for me, and I hope to share that with my students.

melissa bell

California, US

I absolutely loved it. I am impressed with the level of professionalism in this course and the rich information I have learned.

leslie campbell


Adding this to my teaching has changed how I go through my day and ultimately how I feel at the end of the day.


New Hampshire, US

I really appreciate all the support you and the team have provided me. I’ve been dreaming about teaching yoga for children for years and when I found Yoga Ed it felt like a perfect fit.

rachel bailey


I really enjoyed the self-paced nature of the program as a full-time educator. And although there is independence in the program there is also a community built in.

lucia di prima

Colorado, US

Yoga Ed. is by far the very best source for teaching yoga in schools, the most pedagogically enriching experience, and Yoga Ed. courses provide the most directly implementable content.

sophie miyashiro

New York, US