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    chair yoga, the practice you've been searching for

    Yoga should be accessible. Chair yoga is.

why chair yoga?

Chair yoga is probably the most effective, adaptable, flexible practice that you’ll take with you in any setting where you work with youth, online and in-person.

It works in the classroom as a brain break. In a therapy setting as a mental health resource. At home with your child or teen who could use a little practice for self-awareness.

Here are three reasons why chair yoga could benefit you and the youth you work with:

children doing yoga

1. Chair yoga is short

These practices can be adapted to any time frame to quickly reduce stress and increase focus.

Depending on how much time you have in your schedule, you can choose to share 3, 5, or 10 minute chair yoga mindful practices.

2. It has proven benefits

Think of mindful practices as a more focused cousin of yoga on the mat.

As brain breaks, chair yoga mindful practices have a proven track record of improving cognitive function by boosting oxygen flow in the brain, improving learning retention, and supporting overall neurohealth.

teens doing chair yoga

3. No extra equipment or experience required

Who has time to clear a space, roll out yoga mats for you and your teens, and then get mindful in the middle of an already packed day? Maybe a lucky few, but the rest of us are working with limited time and space constraints 🙂

That’s why we’ve taken all the benefits of yoga & mindfulness and translated them to the chair. Simply clear your desks, push your chairs back, and take a brain break with chair yoga mindful practices.


4 practical courses

The adaptable, accessible practices taught in these courses will help you and your students build the foundations for social and emotional learning – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and healthy relationships – essential life skills to last a lifetime.

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“The training was excellent. Everything was very practical and easy to use. Teachers felt they’ll be able to use these tools right away. The course instructors were very warm, kind, knowledgeable, and efficient. I always love your genuine spirit. It makes people comfortable.”


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Assistant Principal

“Thank you so much for your thoughtful and inspiring instruction. It has been extremely helpful as I prepare for school. I can’t wait to try out all these wonderful activities, poses, and breathing techniques.”


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“Thank you for being such an amazing instructor. Your feedback was always an eye-opener and an “aha” moment for me. I learned so much from you! Thank you one more time. Much love all the way from Lebanon.”


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