Tania Zimmer


Tania is a yoga educator, social worker and mother of two young girls, who has been practicing yoga for 15 years. Born and raised in Southeast Asia, Tania attended international schools like the Jakarta International School and Singapore American School before moving to New York City to study Film and worked on several documentaries. She continued on to graduate school at the University of Hawaii and at the University of Washington for Social Work, with a focus on mental health and community organization. She is passionate about indigenous wellness and the impact of trauma on communities. Tania is also a photographer, postpartum doula and lactation consultant, and has studied at the Simkin Center for Birth at Bastyr University with a focus on trauma-informed birth support. Yoga has allowed Tania to integrate her rich background and life experiences in order to equip youth with lifelong tools for self-regulation and empowerment, and finding ways to build resilience and joy! She believes that yoga is a powerful tool for getting to know ourselves, in which the experience translates uniquely, interacting differently for every person. When she’s not busy serving the South Sound, Tania enjoys traveling, spending time in nature with her children and husband, cooking, reading and taking photographs of her children, and finding the beauty and curiosity in every moment.