Marta Pasieczny


Marta has been teaching variety of fitness classes to all age groups since 2000. She enjoys working with people to promote healthy and happy lifestyles, educating her students about physical activity, and motivating them to succeed. Marta started her journey with Yoga 10 years ago. In 2013, she completed her yoga teacher training for adults and Yoga Ed. teacher training for children. Marta currently teaches Yoga for kids in Playschool/Montessori. She also teaches Yoga for adults and other different fitness classes in Longford. Powered by her passion for physical activity and self-awareness, Marta helps her students build strong foundations for balanced and healthy lives. She believes that Yoga offers many benefits on and off the mat, and feels Yoga can change the world by making it a better place to live. With a love for life and all that life brings, Marta happily resides in Ireland with her 2 most important boys: her husband and 9-year old son.