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Lisa Malinowski

Program Facilitator

Toronto, ON

“Leaning into the innerwork, empowering communities, and creating and sharing accessible mindfulness and yoga practices are a piece of who I am. I’m so honored to be a part of the Yoga Ed. team that holds the space for each of those and beyond.”

About Lisa


Lisa Malinowski is present with passion when it comes to practicing and sharing the art of mindfulness. Originally from Michigan, she is thankful for her years of experience with the Crim Fitness Foundation, a nonprofit in Flint, where she shared yoga and mindful practices with the community, serving both youth and adults in the greater Flint school systems, nonprofit organizations, and civic and business sectors to help cultivate a more mindful city. Lisa and the team trained over 100 people in the greater Flint Area in the Teaching Yoga to Children and Teens Yoga Ed. Curricula through in person training, which was one of her favorite assignments. Lisa’s passion is to create systems that allow yoga and meditation to be equitable, accessible and community-centered.

As a business student at Michigan State University, Lisa was introduced to yoga while studying abroad in the Netherlands, a practice that allowed her to truly feel at home in her body and mind while working to regulate her experiences with anxiety. Her love of creative movement, building connections and holding space for meaningful gatherings guided her back to her mat and cushion with open arms to welcome the community full-time. As a Certified Yoga Instructor with over 1000 hours of teaching yoga (ERYT) to youth and adults, including prenatal, youth, restorative, yin and hatha yoga, and serving as a sacred and social justice activist, Lisa honors the space through trauma-informed and compassionate practices that are approachable for everyone and rooted in the whole child approach. Some of her more recent inspirations include Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams, Lara Zillabowitz, Linda Lanteri and Daniel Rechtschaffen.

Lisa’s deep love of learning and being with living beings all over the world, especially immersing herself in nature, informs the way that she practices living and teaching. She even met her now fiance while they both were traveling to Munich, and they currently live in Toronto together.

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