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Candis Ogilvie


Grand Rapids, MI

About Candis


Candis Ogilvie is an educator who is inspired to pursue meaningful change for students and teachers alike, through yoga programming in schools. Candis believes that responsibility of schools extends beyond academic success, and seeks to provide children with life skills in order to learn and live at their best. From her work as a classroom teacher, Candis understands that the most powerful way to change education is to empower educators, and now dedicates her time to bringing yoga programming to children and schools throughout West Michigan. With a M.Ed in Elementary Education and many years of teaching in the classroom, Candis knows the ins and outs of effective classroom management, student engagement techniques and school-based intervention programs. And, through her family and children’s yoga classes, school programming and coaching, Candis’ work has a community-wide impact, giving kids the confidence and tools to live happy and be well.

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