Embody. Empower. Educate.

educators, we are forever grateful to you.

Thank you for the miracles you make happen every day all year round. In honor of teachers worldwide, we’re connecting with our educator community to share what inspires you.


my purpose on this earth is to…

heal, uplift, and inspire
— Kristin L., Special Education Teacher | Waianae High School

inspire kids, teens, and adults to cultivate a healthy mind and body
— Alessandra L., Educator | Elementary & Middle Schools in Honolulu, HI

make a difference in the lives of the children I teach
— Mona D., Early Childhood Educator | Jakarta Primary Schools

mindfulness and yoga have helped me and my students…


the mindfulness tool i love to use is…

Ocean Breath
— Mona D., Jessica U., Aurora A. | Educators in schools worldwide
Ocean Breath.png

Ocean Breath is a great tool to let go of stress and anxiety from your body and mind.

Learn how to practice ocean breath with this month’s toolkit: Wellness, A Guide for Educators.


Chair Yoga
— Randy F., Special Education Teacher | Waianae Intermediate School
Chair Yoga Randy.png

With an already crammed school schedule, it can be difficult to find the time or the space to bring yoga and mindfulness into your classroom. Chair yoga takes the physical, emotional mental, and social benefits of yoga on the mat and adapts them to the chair.

Learn more about Chair Yoga and Mindful Practices for your classroom here.


gifts for you

With most of your time and resources going towards your classroom and students, making your wellness a priority sometimes requires an extra boost. That’s why we’re dedicated to supporting your self-care not just this month, but year round. Because at the end of the day, you are the roots of your classroom tree.

Your wellness is the foundation on which your classroom and school thrives.


Wellness: A guide for Educators

Our wellness as educators play an important role in our ability to lead a healthy and fulfilled life. And at the end of the day how healthy and fulfilled you are personally has deep implications on your relationship with your school community.

Designed for educators, our toolkit includes practical, easy-to-use activities to support your overall health and wellness as an educator.


Educator Wellness Webinar

Join us for this month’s webinar as we discuss educator wellness and share our favorite tools to support your overall health and wellbeing.

You’ll learn what teacher wellness is, why it matters, and 7 practical, easy-to-use mindfulness tools to support you in prioritizing your wellness.


bring mindfulness & yoga into your classroom

This summer, learn how to transform your classroom into a mindful space for you and your students.

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Teaching Children’s Yoga

Grades PreK-5 | Ages 3-12

Teaching Teen’s Yoga

Grades 6-12 | Ages 13-18

Trauma-Informed Yoga

Grades PreK-12 | Ages 3-18


Mindful Practices

for the PreK-5 Classroom