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Milan, Italy

This is the most complete program I’ve ever done!


Good Morning Friends,

Today I’d like to tell you something about the great school which gave me the opportunity to learn everything I know about yoga for children with trauma-informed focus: Yoga Ed. I get my 95-hour certification (RCYT) with them.

But let’s have a look at the details. You can find everything I’m going to tell you in the article on my website. If you’re wondering why to choose to become a children’s yoga teacher, there are many reasons. Personally, I’m a teacher in public school and I’ve always liked to take my yoga experience through my school students, daily living next to them. I’m already a yoga teacher for adults, so I thought it would be great to link both these worlds together.

This course focuses on yoga, mindfulness and everything about the wonderful and complex universe of children and adolescents. I chose this course because I noticed in Italy I couldn’t find such a complete program like this one. You can follow three modules, divided into Children, Teens, and Trauma-Informed and if you prefer you can do them one right after the other, or you can choose just one of them. I chose the whole program across 6 months.

All Yoga Ed. programs have been the subject of several research studies by important universities such as Harvard and Fullerton through which it’s been possible to demonstrate the benefits and usefulness of the course in terms of physical and mental well-being for children involved in the teaching program. I decided to register for this course on my Yoga Alliance curriculum but you can choose not to do it. In this course main objectives are to learn how the brain develops and how yoga and mindfulness can be of great support to intellectual, emotional, and social learning; to build and develop classes appropriate to the age and needs of the students involved, to create lessons that meet the criteria of the National Physical Education & Health Standards, to learn the benefits of yoga on a population that has developed a specific trauma, to teach yoga by taking care of these special needs for a population between 3 and 18 years.

Everyone can become a children’s yoga teacher: parents, nurses, counselors, workers who deal with this category from every point of view, health, educational and professional.

This course also includes a Practicum Experience, completely on-line (the school is located on the other side of the world!).

I really would like to thank my teachers for what they taught me, they’re well prepared and very wise. Most of them are graduated in various fields of education and are qualified registered yoga teachers.

This is the most complete program I’ve ever done, because of the materials, content, and all I already said. You can also find groups of classes, ready to be used with students and checklists. You need to know a little English to follow the classes, but they’re really clear by the way.

Personally, I carried out the program with Standard Track which corresponds to 6 months of course, but there is the possibility to follow the procedure faster of 3 months, in which the 3 courses are carried out in parallel. In the first case, the commitment is about 2-4 hours of study for 26 weeks. In the shortest procedure, you will spend about 9-12 hours for 10 weeks of course.

There are two modes of learning: self and simultaneous learning. The first contains pre-recorded videos dealing with general topics and practical cues suitable for most situations. The second concerns weekly check-in appointments, more specifically, discussing the various topics proposed by teachers and students and there will be the opportunity to practice teaching.

Every week, time zone permitting, you can follow the various check-ins during the live streaming lessons. These are interactive meetings with the instructor, which explore general content and you’re allowed to ask questions and expose any doubts. All meetings are recorded.

Every week is almost always assigned a “check-in” activity to make sure you understand all the material. However, teachers are very flexible. You can find the costs on the website, I think it’s perfectly fine for what you will learn. You can stay updated and have all the material forever available.

Please, don’t hesitate to ask me whatever or write to their email: [email protected]

Thank you for your attention.

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