Liz Gilmore

What is your current role or position?

I am a speech therapist.

What do yoga and mindfulness mean to you?

To work daily on being present and to be able to manage stress and my emotions.

What sparked your interest in Yoga Ed.?

Covid and the stress I saw while providing services online.

Which Yoga Ed. course(s) did you complete, and when did you complete?

Teaching Children’s Yoga, Teaching Teen’s Yoga, and Trauma-Informed Yoga for Youth

What is your biggest takeaway from the course or program? What knowledge, insights, or skills did you gain?

Breathing and grounding techniques to use at the start of my session and creating chair yoga to use while students are learning online.

How have you implemented the program in your life? Have you received any feedback about the course from your students?

I use breathing, games, and chair yoga in my sessions.

Would you recommend this course or program to others?

Yes, it helped me to become more passionate about my own practice and to get students moving in therapy.