Lindsey Smith

Lindsey Smith

Early Childhood Educator and Yoga teacher

Lethbridge AB, Canada

“I love that Yoga Ed. is trauma-informed; it makes it very accessible for everyone.”

What is your current role or position? 

Early Childhood Educator and Yoga teacher 

What do yoga and mindfulness mean to you?

Yoga means connection; connection to self, to our bodies, to our breath, to each other, to this world. 

Mindfulness means staying present and aware of everything around us and inside of us. 

What sparked your interest in Yoga Ed..?

I love that Yoga Ed. is trauma-informed; it makes it very accessible for everyone. I love all the research that is involved with this training and I absolutely love that this training was very developmentally appropriate for children, really making yoga fun while still learning and taking away all the benefits. 

Which Yoga Ed. course(s) did you complete, and when did you complete it?

I completed my Teaching Children’s Yoga training in 2019 and I completed the RCYT Certificate Program in 2020. I am still going to take the chair yoga training. 

What is your biggest takeaway from the course or program? What knowledge, insights, or skills did you gain?

My biggest takeaway from these courses was all the fabulous breathing techniques. I use them every day in my preschool classroom and in all of my yoga classes. I have noticed a huge change since doing the exercises daily in my classroom. I also get comments from parents about how their children breathe through things at home and how they teach other siblings or family members the breathing techniques. 

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