Laura Liu

Supervisor and Part-time Yoga Teacher

Taipei, Taiwan / Eastvale, CA

“I feel very fortunate to have found Yoga Ed. The materials are great and the staff is outstanding and so responsive. I plan to take most of, if not all of, the courses offered.”

What is your current role or position?

Supervise auditors for local government, part-time yoga teacher

What do yoga and mindfulness mean to you?

Yoga allows me to maintain awareness of my body and physical health. It also provides the pathway to Mindfulness which is the framework of my mental, emotional and spiritual heath. The practice of both yoga and mindfulness have helped me learn to be present in my life and given me a greater understanding of what is important to me and how to be joyful in my life and not just exist. I have become more appreciative of who I am and how I love and care for myself and the people around me.

What sparked your interest in Yoga Ed.?

The way that yoga helped transform my life made me want to bring the love and benefits of yoga to others so I began teaching children at my son’s private school. I was interested in information about teaching yoga to children and found that the owner of the yoga where I earned my teaching certificate liked the Yoga Ed. Facebook page. Yoga Ed. provides the type of tools and resources that I was looking for in a straight forward and organized manner. The staff and teachers are very knowledge, passionate, and inspiring. Their principles of teaching yoga to kids are also based on art, science and medical study. They truly introduce the How, Why, and What for teaching kids yoga.

Which Yoga Ed. course(s) did you complete, and when did you complete?

I am scheduled to complete the Teaching Kids Yoga course in December 2020.

What is your biggest takeaway from the course or program? What knowledge, insights, or skills did you gain?

There are many tools and resources I have already implemented in my classes. In addition to an understanding of the physical factors that make certain poses more appropriate based on age and stage of development, some breathing also have similar limits for children. I learned how to present the various breathing techniques in a manner that is more fun to children and how to use metaphors to teach them mindfulness. The biggest takeaway I got from the course is the importance of engaging the kids and the techniques to keep them engaged.

How have you implemented the program in your life? Have you received any feedback about the course from your students?

I began applying the technique and using the tools of the program immediately. The results not only raised my confidence as a first time teacher for such a young class, it has gotten praise from the students and their parents. Some students enjoy the class enough to ask their parents to participate in partner yoga with them.

Would you recommend this course or program to others?

I have already recommended this course to others and I will continue to do so. The program is convenient and affordable especially with the lifetime access to the course video is. As I mentioned before the materials are well organized and easy to access.

Is there anything else you would like to share that we have not covered in your profile?

I feel very fortunate to have found Yoga Ed. The materials are great and the staff is outstanding and so responsive. I plan to take most of, if not all of, the courses offered starting with teaching Chair Yoga. Members of my staff are interested in the benefits they can gain since they have such sedentary jobs and would like to feel better at work.

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