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Online Yoga Classes for Children & Teens

Our online yoga classes are designed to bring health and wellness to children and teens, wherever they are.

Whether at home, on the way to an after school activity, or in a classroom, our classes focus on building life skills to last a lifetime. Enjoy unlimited access to our growing collection of yoga classes for $19/month. Try it out first, with your first month free.

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The evidence is in – teaching kids mindfulness and yoga will help them build life skills to support health and happiness, including self-awareness, emotional regulation, focus, empathy, and kindness to name a few. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you to share these gifts with your kids with our online classes.

Enjoy access to fun, engaging classes that teach children (and adults!) the basics of yoga and mindfulness. Through our classes, kids will practice breathing exercises, yoga poses, games, visualizations, and relaxation activities. All classes are created with a skill set in mind, so kids can practice and embody the skill through mindfulness and movement.

Our classes are…

  • Flexible: Choose a class that fits in your schedule. Our chair and mat yoga classes range from 5-30 minutes and can be viewed on your laptop, tablet, TV, or phone.
  • Accessible: Led by experienced educators, our classes for children and teens include simple, safe yoga activities designed to support lifelong health and wellness.
  • Affordable: For just $19/month, you can begin exploring our growing collection of yoga classes today. New classes added weekly.


The evidence is in! Yoga for children and teens has been shown to…

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety: By reducing perceived stress and modulating stress response systems, yoga helps the mind deal with stress more effectively and lessens its toll on the body.
  • Increase Focus & Concentration: A 2014 study found that Yoga Ed. programs develop concentration and attention in school settings, consistent with previous findings on the benefits of yoga with attention problems.
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence: By increasing self-awareness and self-regulation, yoga improves children’s ability to understand and control emotional reactions. Students who voluntarily regulate their emotions show greater prefrontal cortex activation, better modulation of activity in the amygdala, and lower levels of cortisol in the body.

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