Chair Yoga for Children: A Classroom Guide

Chair Yoga for Children: A Classroom Guide


Strength. Balance. Flexibility. Focus. Creativity. Imagination. Plant the seeds for life skills while teaching simple, effective yoga tools to support learning and achievement in your classroom. Our Chair Yoga for Children manual equips you with a wide variety of grade-appropriate yoga breathing, poses, games and relaxation. You’ll have enough tools to simply use for “yoga breaks” or, if you’re up for it, to teach a 30 minute yoga class right from your chair to your students’ chairs. No extra equipment or previous experience necessary.

Included in your purchase are 12 pre-made children’s lesson plans: simple, easy-to-use, and made for your classroom. Informed by teachers and your shared challenges over the years, we’ve designed each lesson plan to troubleshoot a specific situation or behavior commonly found in a normal school day.  Made for the classroom, these lesson plans can be easily projected onto your screen or white board for your students to follow along.

Focus: Ages 3 to 12 / Grades Pre-K to 5th

Materials: To keep the world green for our children, we deliver our educational materials digitally.

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This 88-page color manual includes:

  • 8 Breathing Exercises

  • 18 Yoga Poses

  • 8 Yoga Games

  • 6 Yoga Relaxation

Plus, 12 full color lesson plans for different times of your school day.

Product Details

Product Details

Publisher: Yoga Ed.

Publication Date: January 1, 2014

Total Pages: 97

Delivery: Digital Download


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