Surj Gish

“I love Yoga Ed.’s real-deal commitment to empowering communities and people, and feel fortunate and honored to be involved in bringing that good to more people.”


Surj Gish is a digital marketing and customer acquisition nerd with nearly two decades of experience driving growth and revenue across a variety of businesses. His background is equal parts agency and in-house: he’s worked with a variety of brands across verticals, ranging from beloved household names like Virgin America to a broad spectrum of tech companies including Github, Dropbox, Malwarebytes, and many others. He really digs the earlier stages of the growth journey and has spent a substantial amount of time working with brands like Figma and Hipcamp to break though to the next level of growth. 

His greatest hits list is complemented by an array of side projects that have added a unique flavor to his jams: education, advocacy, motorsports, publishing, and small business ownership. Surj owned and ran a legacy northern California print magazine, CityBike, as a “side project” on top of his main career, helped pass California’s lane splitting bill, and helped develop and taught UC Berkeley Extension’s first Digital Marketing Boot Camp. When not swinging his eyes back and forth across two massive displays, he’s most likely to be found exploring remote mountain roads on his motorcycle or noodling on one of the guitars he keeps on his office wall for musical meditation.