Julia Bond

“Through the work of Yoga Ed., we can become present, embodied, and vibrant human beings, learning and unlearning from one another in community, moving together towards a more conscious and connected world. It is my living joy to be part of this movement.”


Julia Bond is the driving force behind Yoga Ed.’s powerful online presence and has guided its expansion from a national to a global brand since 2013. A growth hacker by trade, Julia leverages analytics, creative, and innovation to deliver rapid revenue growth and scale Yoga Ed.’s global impact while staying true to core values of equity and accessibility for all.

Julia spent her formative years immersed in Buddhist mindfulness practices while learning to code at 10 years old on her first computer. At Brown University, Julia received her Bachelor’s of Science in Human Biology: The Brain and Behavior where she explored the nuanced intersection of data-driven science, centuries-old mindfulness practices, and how human beings find connection in themselves and the world around them.

Julia’s unique and integrated expertise along with her knowledge of full-stack web development allows her to bridge Yoga Ed.’s tech and content for meaningful customer experiences. Outside of Yoga Ed., Julia finds joy through the simple moments of love and laughter with her two children, husband, and rescue dog at home in Honolulu, Hawai’i.


Teaching Children’s Yoga, Teaching Teen’s Yoga, Chair Yoga and Mindful Practices for Children, RCYT Certificate Program