Cierra Valles


Cierra Valles, MM, RYT and RCYT is an experienced Chicana educator, scholar, consultant, and musician based in Detroit, MI. Cierra specializes in anti-oppression and decolonization practices toward a culturally conscious and community-centered wellness perspective. Throughout her nearly 15 years working in public schools, universities, and community colleges, Cierra has been fueled by her passion for equitable, inclusive, and accessible education and healing. Cierra holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education and is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology. Considering herself a ‘forever student,’ she is eager to scaffold her academic foundations in psychology and sociology toward positive self-awareness and transformation through yoga. Her hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has led to partnerships with both nonprofit and community education organizations. Trained in a wide range of healing modalities including sound therapy, music therapy, and yoga therapy, Cierra brings a multi-faceted approach to fostering a safe and inclusive learning community for the practice of yoga and meditation.