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Case Study February 15, 2022

Megan McWilliams, School Social Worker

Megan McWilliams, LCSW, MPH spent 10 years as a school social worker before the pandemic closed her Austin Independent School District Elementary school for in person learning.

kids doing classroom yoga

Case Study January 6, 2022

Suzy Park, School Social Worker

From teaching yoga full-time in New York City schools to becoming a high school social worker in Hawaii, Suzy seeks to integrate yoga and mindful practices at all levels in the school system.


Case Study September 26, 2021

Michele McKendry, Teacher

Going into her 16th year of teaching, Michele holds the belief that every child can learn and be a leader.


Article August 19, 2021

Transforming Schools with Mindfulness Programs

Research shows that practicing mindfulness can help reduce anxiety, ease depression, and foster resiliency in the face of stress. But what is mindfulness, and why are mindfulness program important for schools?


Article July 11, 2021

How to Start a Mindfulness Program at Your School

5 practical tips to get you started.


Article June 20, 2021

The Yoga Ed. Curriculum

Our evidence-based curriculum is the foundation of all of our programs. The curriculum meets National P.E. and Health Standards while also being uniquely designed to address core needs of educators and their students. Discover the curriculum at the heart of our programs.

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Case Study June 6, 2021

Amanda Lewig, Teacher

Learn how Amanda brings yoga to her students with online classes.


Article January 29, 2020

6 Ways Administrators Can Lead the Way to a Mindful School

Here are six ways that you can actively support your school in becoming a more mindful campus.

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Toolkit January 15, 2020

5 Mindfulness Tools for Social-Emotional Learning Toolkit

Understand how the five core competencies of SEL can be practiced and cultivated through mindfulness.

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Article January 5, 2020

Professional Development Funding Sources

Making the choice to enroll in a professional development opportunity was the easy part, but we know that funding can be challenging. Here are a number of funding sources for teachers available (we’re constantly on the lookout for more and update this page as we find them).


Toolkit December 6, 2019

Teaching Strategies Toolkit

Teaching can be both deeply rewarding and tremendously overwhelming, especially classroom management.


Toolkit May 1, 2019

Wellness: A Guide for Educators

7 practical, easy-to-use yoga and mindfulness tools to support your wellness as an educator

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