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How to Teach Your Students about the Brain

Understanding what’s happening in the brain is the first step to empowering students with tools to respond and function optimally.

Supporting Mental Health in Schools

How can yoga and mindfulness be a part of the mental health solution?

How to Reduce Stress in Your Mind and Body

Having a basic knowledge of what happens in the body and mind during stress empowers us to reduce stress with mindful tools.

Improving the Health and Wellness of Schools

See for yourself just some of the outcomes that are possible with the power of schools x Yoga Ed.

Transforming Schools with Mindfulness Programs

What is mindfulness, and why are mindfulness program important for schools?

7 Evidence-Backed Reasons to Find Time to Relax

Relaxation offers the opportunity for your students to consciously shift their focus.

15 Evidence-Backed Reasons to Find Time to Move

Yoga postures empower students with a strong foundation for health.

10 Evidence-Backed Reason to Find Time to Breathe

Breathing exercises encourage students to gain control of the breath and body.

The Evidence Behind Brain Breaks

How can brain breaks benefit your classroom? See what the evidence has to say.

A Study of the Yoga Ed. Program at The Accelerated School

Examining Yoga Ed.’s efficacy in supporting student wellness and performance.

Your Brain on Yoga

When you do yoga, you’re not only giving your body a workout.

The Science of Yoga Ed.

Although yoga is an ancient discipline that has been practiced for thousands of years, it is increasingly becoming more popular in Western culture as a form of exercise... and for good reason.