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Article November 23, 2021

Yoga Ed. Meets PE and Health Standards

Because our evidence-based curriculum meets national standards for P.E. and Health, our programs are ideal for physical education teachers, health teachers, and homeschooling families. Plus, as a non-competitive physical activity, yoga is a valuable and accessible way to get your students active, no matter their current fitness level.


Article June 20, 2021

The Yoga Ed. Curriculum

Our evidence-based curriculum is the foundation of all of our programs. The curriculum meets National P.E. and Health Standards while also being uniquely designed to address core needs of educators and their students. Discover the curriculum at the heart of our programs.


Webinar August 26, 2020

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

For most of us, distance learning is a part of our school year, and now more than ever we know it is a necessity that we continue to support our student’s mind-body wellness through the practice of yoga. But how can we share yoga practices with students successfully in the online space? This workshop will teach you how.


Article June 15, 2019

The Role of Yoga in Physical Education

Bringing a twist to traditional P.E. classes with yoga education. Not only does yoga build upon basic tenants of physical fitness, such as muscle strength, bone strength, and flexibility, but it does so in a way that is developmentally appropriate, accessible, and non-competitive for students of diverse capacities.


Article January 1, 2018

Get Started with Yoga as a PE Unit

PE class is the perfect place to share the benefits of yoga with your students.

children doing yoga

Case Study December 15, 2017

First We Breathe

Beginning our homeschool day with yoga.


Information Packet June 22, 2017

Download a Curriculum Sample

Learn more about the curriculum at the heart of our programs.

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