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family holding hands Holiday Yoga Checklist

Give yourself the gift of yoga for your mental, emotional and physical health this holiday season.

family with christmas lights Gratitude Toolkit

Cultivate gratitude with these simple mindful practices for you and the children and teens in your life.

Summer Yoga Checklist

Discover our 7 favorite must-have items for yoga in the sun.

Summer Yoga Playlist

Our favorite songs for practicing yoga with your young ones under the summer sun. Just press play!

Yoga for Homeschooled Students

Yoga supports the health and wellness of homeschooled students, while meeting PE credit requirements.

How to Reduce Stress in Your Mind and Body

Having a basic knowledge of what happens in the body and mind during stress empowers us to reduce stress with mindful tools.

Brynne Caleda, CEO

Hear Brynne’s journey into yoga education.

children doing yoga First We Breathe

Beginning our homeschool day with yoga.

How Yoga Ed. Benefits the Whole Family

We provide parents with the tools you need to enrich communication and connection for the whole family.

people doing yoga Tina Maladi, Yoga Ed. Trainer

Tina’s journey with yoga began with, and is fueled by, motherhood.

children doing yoga Ferozah MacKenzie, Teacher

Explore how Ferozah has expanded her teaching skill set through Yoga Ed.

Children’s Energy Boosting Playlist

Our favorite songs for getting kids energized and ready to go. Just press play!