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Article October 1, 2021

How to Teach Your Students about the Brain

Understanding what’s happening in the brain is the first step to empowering students with tools to respond and function optimally.

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Toolkit May 1, 2021

7 Tools to Rest and Restore

In partnership with NAMI Louisville, we are sharing tools to slow down and unwind for national mental health awareness month.


Information Packet March 10, 2021

School Funding Guide for a Mindful Movement Program

Learn more about federal, state, and local funding sources for school programs, including details on the most recent American Rescue Plan passed on March 10, 2021.

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Article March 3, 2021

Chair Yoga and Teletherapy: Strengthening Connections Across Physical Distance

This article outlines the benefits of using chair yoga tools in teletherapy applications, including specific answers to three distinct challenges for both clients and therapists.

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Toolkit February 22, 2021

Chair Yoga Tools for Therapists: 7 Trauma-Sensitive Somatic Practices for Any Setting

This toolkit equips therapists with 7 effective strategies for transitions in and out of the virtual therapy space, for cultivating awareness in the mind and body, and for building genuine relationships with students during teletherapy.


Lesson Plan September 29, 2019

Trauma-Informed Yoga Lesson Plan

Develop mind-body resources for students who have experienced trauma.


Article December 27, 2018

Supporting Mental Health in Schools

How can yoga and mindfulness be a part of the mental health solution?


Article November 8, 2018

5 Ways to Find Mindfulness through Yoga

You can find mindfulness within your yoga practice with these 5 easy tips.


Article September 2, 2018

Supporting Social Emotional Learning with Yoga Programs

What is SEL and why does it matter in schools?

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