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Toolkit December 6, 2019

Teaching Strategies Toolkit

Teaching can be both deeply rewarding and tremendously overwhelming, especially classroom management.

kids doing yoga

Toolkit November 25, 2019

Yoga Story for the Holidays

Share the joy of yoga with your young loved ones during their holiday vacation with this free toolkit.


Toolkit November 1, 2019

Chair Yoga for Focus

Having trouble getting your students learning-ready? Try our lesson plan for focus: a solution that requires no extra tools and very little time out of your school day.

kid with yoga mat

Webinar August 8, 2019

7 Ways to Calm Down, Regulate Emotions, and Improve Health with Yoga

In this 1 hour workshop, you will learn the benefits of yoga, how it supports wellness, the best time to teach yoga to kids, and 7 yoga practices for calming down and self regulating.

kids doing classroom yoga

Toolkit August 1, 2019

7 Simple Ways to Share Yoga with Children

Develop valuable social-emotional skills with yoga for children ages 3 to 12.


Webinar July 1, 2019

9 Mindful Practices to Nurture Yourself & Your Students This School Year

Learn what is mindfulness, how a practice can support your classroom, and mindful practices for a mindful school year.


Article June 15, 2019

The Role of Yoga in Physical Education

Bringing a twist to traditional P.E. classes with yoga education. Not only does yoga build upon basic tenants of physical fitness, such as muscle strength, bone strength, and flexibility, but it does so in a way that is developmentally appropriate, accessible, and non-competitive for students of diverse capacities.


Lesson Plan June 2, 2019

Download a STEAM Yoga Lesson Plan

Embody STEAM benchmarks with experiential yoga classes.


Lesson Plan April 29, 2019

Download a Common Core Yoga Lesson Plan

Meet Common Core Standards through experiential yoga-based activities.


Webinar March 11, 2019

Calming Down, Regulating Emotions, and Improving Health with Yoga

Join us for this month’s webinar, back by popular demand.


Information Packet February 6, 2019

Chair Yoga and Mindful Practices for Children Information Packet

Learn more about our online training.


Article November 8, 2018

5 Ways to Find Mindfulness through Yoga

You can find mindfulness within your yoga practice with these 5 easy tips.

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