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Lesson Plan July 27, 2021

Download an Introduction to Kids Yoga Lesson Plan

This lesson plan will help you to get started teaching kids yoga today.


Article May 26, 2021

3 Ways Teaching Yoga to Youth is Different From Teaching Yoga to Adults

Hint: Children and teens aren’t just miniature adults.

children doing yoga

Toolkit April 8, 2021

Trauma-Sensitive Tools to Close Out the School Year

Learn 9 trauma-sensitive tools for you and your students to use to close out the school year in a way that supports mental health and wellness for years to come.

children doing yoga

Toolkit February 1, 2021

Yoga and Mindfulness in Special Education: 5 Adaptable Strategies for Your SpEd Students

Five key strategies to bring yoga and mindfulness to your SpEd students.

children doing yoga

Toolkit August 29, 2020

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Learn tips and tricks for how to take your physical yoga classroom into the online space.

adult and child doing seated yoga

Toolkit August 9, 2020

Digital Wellness Toolkits

Breathing exercises, yoga poses, and brain breaks to share with students in in-person or online learning environments.


Toolkit July 13, 2020

Building Community, Connections, Relationships in the New School Year

This toolkit is designed to give you simple tools that you can use throughout your in-person or online school day to create community, deepen connections, and build relationships between you and your students.

mum and daughter learning yoga online

Webinar May 4, 2020

Simple Yoga & Mindfulness Tools for Distance Learning

Explore simple yoga and mindfulness practices to add to your distance learning plan to increase connection, engagement, and focus with your students.

mum and daughter learning yoga online

Toolkit April 20, 2020

Simple Ways for Teachers to Teach Yoga & Mindfulness During Distance Learning

Understand, plan, and teach yoga & mindfulness tools in your online classroom.


Toolkit March 13, 2020

3 Tools to Manage Anxiety and Stay Grounded

Learn 3 grounding tools to help you and your children and teens manage anxiety.


Webinar February 20, 2020

How to Create SEL-Based Yoga & Mindfulness Lesson Plans

Learn how to create SEL-based yoga and mindfulness lesson plans for your classroom in this workshop.

teens carrying yoga mats

Toolkit January 15, 2020

5 Mindfulness Tools for Social-Emotional Learning Toolkit

Understand how the five core competencies of SEL can be practiced and cultivated through mindfulness.

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