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Toolkit July 13, 2020

Building Community, Connections, Relationships in the New School Year

This toolkit is designed to give you simple tools that you can use throughout your in-person or online school day to create community, deepen connections, and build relationships between you and your students.

teens carrying yoga mats

Toolkit January 15, 2020

5 Mindfulness Tools for Social-Emotional Learning Toolkit

Understand how the five core competencies of SEL can be practiced and cultivated through mindfulness.


Toolkit December 6, 2019

Teaching Strategies Toolkit

Teaching can be both deeply rewarding and tremendously overwhelming, especially classroom management.


Toolkit November 1, 2019

Chair Yoga for Focus

Having trouble getting your students learning-ready? Try our lesson plan for focus: a solution that requires no extra tools and very little time out of your school day.


Article July 11, 2019

The Evidence Behind Brain Breaks

How can brain breaks benefit your classroom? See what the evidence has to say.


Webinar July 1, 2019

9 Mindful Practices to Nurture Yourself & Your Students This School Year

Learn what is mindfulness, how a practice can support your classroom, and mindful practices for a mindful school year.


Toolkit May 1, 2019

Wellness: A Guide for Educators

7 practical, easy-to-use yoga and mindfulness tools to support your wellness as an educator


Information Packet February 6, 2019

Chair Yoga and Mindful Practices for Children Information Packet

Learn more about our online training.


Toolkit September 15, 2018

Classroom Yoga for Peace of Mind

Find peace of mind with chair yoga and mindfulness tools.

children doing classroom yoga

Case Study August 2, 2018

Mary Daboul, Teacher

Mary was looking for resources to help her adapt yoga to the classroom.


Toolkit June 1, 2018

Mindful Moments Toolkit

Finding mindful moments throughout your day can help cultivate self-awareness and resilience.


Case Study December 3, 2017

Jenna Wright, Teacher

Learn how Jenna supports her students with chair yoga.

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