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kids doing classroom yoga

Toolkit September 1, 2021

Mindful Classroom Toolkit

Cultivate a culture of mindfulness in your classroom this school year with these simple mindful practices.

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Case Study June 6, 2021

Amanda Lewig, Teacher

Learn how Amanda brings yoga to her students with online classes.


Article May 26, 2021

3 Ways Teaching Yoga to Youth is Different From Teaching Yoga to Adults

Hint: Children and teens aren’t just miniature adults.

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Toolkit May 1, 2021

7 Tools to Rest and Restore

In partnership with NAMI Louisville, we are sharing tools to slow down and unwind for national mental health awareness month.

children doing yoga

Toolkit April 8, 2021

Trauma-Sensitive Tools to Close Out the School Year

Learn 9 trauma-sensitive tools for you and your students to use to close out the school year in a way that supports mental health and wellness for years to come.

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Article March 3, 2021

Chair Yoga and Teletherapy: Strengthening Connections Across Physical Distance

This article outlines the benefits of using chair yoga tools in teletherapy applications, including specific answers to three distinct challenges for both clients and therapists.

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Toolkit February 22, 2021

Chair Yoga Tools for Therapists: 7 Trauma-Sensitive Somatic Practices for Any Setting

This toolkit equips therapists with 7 effective strategies for transitions in and out of the virtual therapy space, for cultivating awareness in the mind and body, and for building genuine relationships with students during teletherapy.


Information Packet January 18, 2021

Chair Yoga and Mindful Practices for Teens Information Packet

Learn more about our online training.

Every Body Belongs: Chair Yoga for Teens

Toolkit January 14, 2021

Every Body Belongs: Chair Yoga for Teens

Six tools to address common roadblocks that limit teens’ access to yoga and mindfulness.

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Toolkit October 4, 2020

8 Ways to Improve Engagement for Your Virtual Classroom

As you approach the online learning space, we recommend utilizing these practices before class, during class, and after class.


Webinar September 17, 2020

Trauma-Sensitive Tools for Back to School

Yoga Ed. in partnership with ACE Resource Network presents this roundtable discussion and workshop on trauma-sensitive yoga and mindfulness tools for this back to school season.

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Toolkit August 9, 2020

Digital Wellness Toolkits

Breathing exercises, yoga poses, and brain breaks to share with students in in-person or online learning environments.

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