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Toolkit December 16, 2022

Wellness: A Guide for School Nurses

As you help your staff and students navigate the road to wellness, we’re here to contribute to that foundation by offering simple, accessible tools. In this toolkit you will find simple yoga and mindfulness tools to support your health and wellness and the health and wellness of those you serve.


Toolkit November 3, 2022

5 Simple Tools for Mindful Counseling

We created this toolkit with the hopes that school counselors and social workers can utilize these tools as helpful resources to not only assist the youth in their care but also to embody and develop coping strategies for themselves.


Toolkit October 13, 2022

8 Accessible Yoga & Mindfulness Practices to Support Teacher SEL & Wellness

Taking the time to nurture our own wellness leads to improved wellness for those around us. In other words, when we as teachers feel better, students, schools, and communities thrive.


Toolkit September 26, 2022

Wellness: A Toolkit for Parents

Now is the time, as a family, to learn & explore fundamental tools to support lifelong habits, so that our children may grow up to be healthy, successful human beings who thrive in this world. We’re here to contribute to that foundation by offering simple, accessible tools for you.


Toolkit June 1, 2022

3 Minute Mindful Moments from Sunrise to Sunset

This toolkit provides 2 sets of 4 simple yoga and mindfulness practices for children and adults to find mindfulness throughout the day.


Video May 11, 2022

NAMI Playlist

Yoga Ed. in partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Virginia (NAMI Virginia), co-created this yoga and mindfulness playlist to introduce children, teens, and adults to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to support your mental health.

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