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NAMI Playlist

Yoga Ed. in partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Virginia (NAMI Virginia), co-created this yoga and mindfulness playlist to introduce children, teens, and adults to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to support your mental health.

Hero Day

Teacher Julia guides you through this visualization to connect with your inner hero.

Feeling Breath

A breathing exercise to tune into how you are feeling, created for all ages.

Yoga for Beginners | Teens Yoga Class

A 15-minute teens yoga class for beginners with Yoga Ed, created for ages 13-18.

Yoga for Beginners | Kids Yoga Class

Introduce your kids to yoga with this 15-minute yoga class created for ages 3-12 by Brynne Caleda with Yoga Ed.

Heating the Hands and the Heart

Teacher Joel guides this simple and effective practice for focus, self-appreciation, and physical awareness.

Breath to Land

Teacher Harmony leads this brief mindfulness practice that promotes a sense of presence, grounded energy, and calm.

Head, Hands, Heart

Teacher Joel leads this brief mindfulness practice that supports focused attention, physical awareness, and a sense of gratitude.

Hissing, Humming, Singing

Teacher Stephanie leads this brief mindfulness practice that connects mind, body, and breath. This Mindful Moment supports focus, helps relieve physical tension, and promotes a sense of calm.

Body Scan

Join Teacher Harmony for this brief mindfulness practice that supports healthy body awareness, relieves symptoms of stress, and helps release physical tension.

Energy and Joy

Join Teacher Joel for this brief mindfulness practice that promotes joy, boosts energy, and builds connection.

I Am Affirmations Cover “I Am” Affirmations

Teacher Stephanie leads this short practice to promotes self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-efficacy in students of all ages.