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Case Study February 15, 2022

Megan McWilliams, School Social Worker

Megan McWilliams, LCSW, MPH spent 10 years as a school social worker before the pandemic closed her Austin Independent School District Elementary school for in person learning.

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Case Study January 6, 2022

Suzy Park, School Social Worker

From teaching yoga full-time in New York City schools to becoming a high school social worker in Hawaii, Suzy seeks to integrate yoga and mindful practices at all levels in the school system.


Case Study September 26, 2021

Michele McKendry, Teacher

Going into her 16th year of teaching, Michele holds the belief that every child can learn and be a leader.

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Case Study June 6, 2021

Amanda Lewig, Teacher

Learn how Amanda brings yoga to her students with online classes.

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Case Study May 8, 2021

Blanche Pope Elementary School

In search of supportive programming that prioritizes SEL and a whole-child perspective, Principal Okumura found Yoga Ed.


Case Study January 7, 2019

Dr. Felix Empowers His Students with Yoga Education at WSU

Learn how Dr. Felix shares yoga and mindfulness with his teacher candidates.


Case Study December 28, 2018

JoAnn Wong-Kam, Principal

Learn how Punahou School has implemented yoga to support student outcomes.

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Case Study December 7, 2018

Las Vegas Charters Become Mindful Schools

How 3 Las Vegas Charter Schools support student success with a Mindful Movement Program


Case Study November 18, 2018

The Accelerated School

Learn how The Accelerated School improves student success with yoga.


Case Study September 9, 2018

Peter Balding, PE Teacher

After Punahou integrated Yoga Ed. into their school curriculum, Peter noticed a fundamental shift in his students.

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Case Study August 2, 2018

Mary Daboul, Teacher

Mary was looking for resources to help her adapt yoga to the classroom.

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Case Study July 7, 2018

Jason Battung, PE Teacher

See how PE Teacher Jason Battung share yoga with his students at Santa Monica High School.

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