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Article May 26, 2021

3 Ways Teaching Yoga to Youth is Different From Teaching Yoga to Adults

Hint: Children and teens aren’t just miniature adults.

teens doing classroom yoga

Article May 5, 2021

Jewish American Heritage Month

“L’dor v’dor”, or “from generation to generation,” is a central phrase of Jewish custom and refers to the responsibility of passing on history, values, tradition, and wisdom from generation to generation.

family doing yoga

Article March 3, 2021

Chair Yoga and Teletherapy: Strengthening Connections Across Physical Distance

This article outlines the benefits of using chair yoga tools in teletherapy applications, including specific answers to three distinct challenges for both clients and therapists.

9 Positive Ways to Connect with Your Child poster

Article November 11, 2020

9 Positive Ways to Connect with Your Child

With these tools, you are equipped to guide yourself in a responsive approach to connecting with your child and with yourself.

hands holding eachother

Article May 31, 2020

Racism Does Not Belong

It never belonged within us or around us. We must do the work to actively dismantle it now together.

mum and daughter learning yoga online

Article March 12, 2020

We’re Here for You

Yoga and mindfulness tools for school closures.


Article January 29, 2020

6 Ways Administrators Can Lead the Way to a Mindful School

Here are six ways that you can actively support your school in becoming a more mindful campus.


Article January 6, 2020

How to Set Resolutions that Work

Your resolutions don’t have to fail. The trick is to set definable goals. Here’s how.

man doing chair yoga at his desk

Article January 5, 2020

Professional Development Funding Sources

Making the choice to enroll in a professional development opportunity was the easy part, but we know that funding can be challenging. Here are a number of funding sources for teachers available (we’re constantly on the lookout for more and update this page as we find them).


Article December 15, 2019

How to Reduce Stress in Your Mind and Body

Having a basic knowledge of what happens in the body and mind during stress empowers us to reduce stress with mindful tools.


Article July 11, 2019

The Evidence Behind Brain Breaks

How can brain breaks benefit your classroom? See what the evidence has to say.


Article June 15, 2019

The Role of Yoga in Physical Education

Bringing a twist to traditional P.E. classes with yoga education. Not only does yoga build upon basic tenants of physical fitness, such as muscle strength, bone strength, and flexibility, but it does so in a way that is developmentally appropriate, accessible, and non-competitive for students of diverse capacities.

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