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Article February 9, 2023

Bridging Self Care and Community Care in Schools

In the last few years, schools have intensified their focus on teacher initiatives to address stress, anxiety, burnout, and nationwide teacher shortages. Solutions have revolved around self-care, or strategies to help teachers. For wellness programs to be effective, we need to embrace both self-care and community care.


Article January 4, 2023

Welcome to Yoga: 4 Strategies to Effectively Introduce Yoga to Your Students

Introducing new things can help to boost engagement and excitement about learning. Here are four tips to successfully introduce yoga and mindfulness to your students.


Article December 19, 2022

Winter Wellness: Supporting All the Feels

Whether or not you celebrate the holidays, it is hard to ignore their presence. Commercials, decorations, and songs are everywhere reminding us to spend, smile, and party while our bodies might be saying rest, rest, rest. This toolkit provides resources to support you, however you may be feeling.


Article September 29, 2022

1 Strategy to Manage Frustration

In the classroom, frustration and irritability can show up as a result of a student having high expectations for performance, or not seeing the progress that they would like to, or even when they are experiencing social pressures that carry into class time.


Article July 1, 2022

New Look, Same Us.

Embodying our values with a new look and better feel.


Article July 1, 2022

Easy to Use. Easy to Love.

Learn what our new platform has to offer you and your school community.

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Article June 26, 2022

Try Free for 14 Days

Enjoy a free 14-day trial for our online yoga and mindfulness classes. Press play on breathing exercises, yoga poses, games, brain breaks, and relaxation activities for all ages, anytime, anywhere.


Article May 19, 2022

The Benefits of Yoga & Mindfulness on Your Mental Health

While the physical benefits of yoga may bring many people to the mat, the benefits of yoga and mindfulness on mental health are typically what keeps people coming back.

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Article May 13, 2022

How to Overcome 5 Common Obstacles to Accessibility with Chair Yoga

Practical, real-world strategies for overcoming five common obstacles that stand in the way of access and equity in yoga and mindfulness education.


Article May 12, 2022

How Mindfulness & Yoga Can Address the School Mental Health Crisis

Schools are now on the front line for both students and teachers mental health needs. Chronic stress, overwhelm, and burnout are contributing to teacher attrition, student disengagement, and increasing mental health challenges within the school day.


Article March 14, 2022

What is Yoga Education

Our purpose at Yoga Ed. is to support the health and wellness of school communities. The way that we do this is through yoga education, or yoga and mindfulness that is accessible by, relatable to, and available for all. Learn what yoga and mindfulness mean to us, and how these are implemented through our programs and curriculum.


Article January 19, 2022

What is Trauma-Informed Yoga?

As a source of long-term stress, trauma that remains unresolved can impact our physical, emotional, mental and behavioral state. For people who have experienced trauma, there can be long-lasting, chronic effects on how they think, feel, and behave, as well as on their overall health. Understanding how trauma shows up in the brain, and in the body, allows us to address its symptoms, such as depression and anxiety.

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