Yoga Ed. Meets PE and Health Standards

Our curriculum is designed to give you the tools and resources to get bodies and brains in motion.

Because our evidence-based curriculum meets national standards for P.E. and Health, our classes are ideal for supplementing your existing curriculum. Plus, as a non-competitive physical activity, yoga is a fun and accessible way to get all your students active, no matter their current fitness level.

Click on your country below, and download a free PDF that outlines how our student outcomes meet the standards you’re working towards at your school.




United Kingdom

United States (PE Standards)

United States (Health Standards)

Don’t see your country? Contact us to request a copy of standards for your region.

explore our trainings

Our trainings give you the confidence to put our curriculum into action and effectively teach yoga to your students. You will graduate with the knowledge and skills to successfully include yoga as a component in your P.E. or Health class.

Click here to learn more about our online training for Pre-K to 5th grade teachers and 6th to 12th grade teachers.


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