October 9, 2018

How Yoga Ed. Benefits the Whole Family

You want the best for your children and teens, and so do we. Yoga Ed. provides parents with the tools you need to enrich communication and connection for the whole family.

No Drama Discipline

If you’re a parent struggling to establish discipline with your child, you aren’t alone. Yoga Ed.’s curriculum is grounded in childhood development and positive behavior management, and our tools will help you interrupt the cycle of dissent between you and your child. Gaining a brain-based understanding of your child’s behavior will help you to better manage their ups and downs, facilitate clear communication, and foster more harmonious relationships between you and your children.

Connect with Your Child

Do you ever feel like your busy schedule has left you living on autopilot? Does tuning in to your social networks leave you feeling tuned out from those closest to you? We hear you, and at Yoga Ed., we’ve put together tools to help you slow down and connect more authentically with your inner self, your children, and your loved ones.

Support Daily Transitions

For growing brains, transitioning between activities and environments is no easy task. This means that for your children or adolescents, simply navigating their daily routine can be taxing. If you notice that your children become distracted during transitions in their day, Yoga Ed. has tools to help. Our resources can help you keep your children present and engaged, from waking up in the morning and catching the bus, to piano lessons or sports practice.

Rein in Tantrums

As your kids learn to recognize and manage their emotions, tantrums are normal. Yoga Ed.’s resources can empower children to self-soothe and self-regulate, with brain-based tools that nurture healthy cognitive development. Whether your kids are dealing with the frustrations of kindergarten or the pains of adolescence, you’ll also be able to connect with how your children are feeling so you can help them rein in emotional outbursts.

Counter Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry can be distressing for kids, frustrating for parents, and ultimately disruptive to family harmony. No matter what your kids fight about, Yoga Ed.’ resources are here to help reduce the conflict in your household. Our non-competitive activities foster respect for self and others, develop communication skills, and build teamwork, so your kids can learn to constructively work through their conflicts.

Support your Child’s Learning at Home

With each passing school year, students seem to be getting more and more homework at earlier and earlier ages. Not only is the workload stressful for children and teens, but also seemingly impossible for them to maintain the energy and focus to complete their work after school. Yoga Ed.’s resources will help you support your child’s learning with tools and techniques to foster self-awareness, increase concentration, improve self-efficacy, and reduce anxiety, so homework is done more quickly and your family can spend more time doing what you love.

Be Active Together

We know that finding the time to be active as a family can seem like a pipedream. Our parenting resources are designed to help you reconnect and move together, no matter how busy your schedule may be. From transforming a hectic car ride into the opportunity to relax with yoga breathing, to substituting a Saturday morning cartoon for one of our online yoga classes, our resources are accessible and fun ways for you and your family to be active together.

Did you know?

Research suggests as little as 5 minutes of Yoga Ed. daily can improve mental health.

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