For many teachers, one of the most important (and often most difficult) skills to master is classroom management.

A recent report from Teachers Unite found that many educators believe that good classroom management goes beyond authoritarian discipline and punitive reactions to cultivating positive relationships with students and creating learning environments with an emphasis on social and emotional learning whereby behavioral standards are upheld. We 100% agree.

But how do we go about building positive relationships with students and setting clear behavioral standards? What day-to-day strategies are most effective for achieving these results?

Listen to educators and Yoga Ed. Trainers Chelsea Hylton, Harmony Turner, and Joan Nichols in this 30 minute roundtable led by Brynne Caleda as they share their most effective, classroom-tested teaching strategies to manage behavior and build positive relationships with their students.

Here’s what you’ll explore in this workshop…

  • What is positive classroom management
  • Specific teaching strategies that promote positive classroom management, including brain breaks and focused attention
  • What the science says about the specific teaching strategies introduced
  • Real life examples of strategies being utilized in different classroom environments across the United States

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About Chelsea Hylton

Chelsea Hylton, E-RYT, RCYT, YACEP, is a New Orleans based educator and Founder of Project Peaceful Warriors, an organization bringing Trauma Informed yoga and mindfulness to students and educators. Chelsea has been serving students and schools through Kid’s Yoga in Title One schools since 2009 starting in Charleston, SC and began her work in New Orleans Charter Schools in 2013. She is registered E-RYT, RCYT, and YACEP through the Yoga Alliance.


About Harmony Turner

Dancer, yogi, and educator, Harmony Turner, has an incredible passion for movement arts, education, and children. Alongside a BA in Theatre Arts and MFA in Dance, Harmony is also a Yoga Ed. Trainer and Educator (PK-12) for Honolulu, Hawaii. She has immersed herself in the field of education and is on her way to achieving a Master’s in Teaching for Elementary Education. Having worked for many diverse and influential organizations, Harmony founded HarmsaStar, a dance, yoga, and education company.


About Joan Nichols

Joan Nichols is a Rochester-based educator and Founder of Inspire Yoga. Her vision is to build a friendly community of all ages that supports and encourages each other, focusing on strengthening and challenging the mind and body to create a peaceful spirit. She is passionate about being of service and has found the best way for her to do that is through her yoga teaching. Joan currently teaches yoga full-time to children and teens in Rochester schools.


About Brynne Caleda

Brynne Caleda, M.Ed., E-RYT, is a leader in the field of yoga education. As CEO of Yoga Ed., Brynne champions the efficacy of innovative, evidence-based yoga programs for schools to establish lifelong foundations for student’s fitness, wellness, and productivity. Over the past decade, Brynne has worked closely with educators, health professionals, and parents to enrich school communities with yoga tools to more authentically and effectively teach to their students and children.