Studies show that Social Emotional Learning in schools can have powerful lasting benefits for students, including reducing depression and stress, improving attitudes toward school, and increasing kindness, sharing, and empathy (Durlak et al., 2011).

And what’s more, the effects of Social Emotional Learning don’t stop at graduation. In the long run, Social Emotional Learning contributes to greater academic achievement, career success, positive relationships, and better mental health in one’s lifetime (Hawkins, Kosterman, Catalano, Hill, & Abbott, 2008; Jones, Greenberg, & Crowley, 2015).

It’s clear that Social Emotional Learning provides a sound foundation for learning and empowers students with skills for lifelong success… but where do you start? How can you support Social Emotional Learning in your classrooms? What techniques are most effective for developing social and emotional competence?

Listen to educators and Yoga Ed. Trainers Candis Ogilvie and Sara Lev in this 30 minute roundtable led by Brynne Caleda as they explore the importance of Social Emotional Learning and how you can transform your classroom with Social Emotional Learning through practical yoga tools.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this workshop…

  • What is Social Emotional Learning, and why it matters
  • Why yoga is a great tool to support self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making both on and off the mat
  • How to easily implement Social Emotional Learning into your classroom with simple, practical yoga tools for you and your students, even if you have no extra space, time, or equipment
  • Real-life case studies of educators empowering students with Social Emotional Learning through yoga education

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About Sara Lev, M.Ed.

Sara Lev has been a passionate educator for over a decade. Sara is a founding teacher and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Coordinator at Citizens of the World Charter School Mar Vista in Los Angeles, where she teaches yoga to fourth and fifth grade students, as well as to the Transitional Kindergarten students in her own classroom. Sara also works as a member of the school’s leadership team to develop and implement SEL curriculum school-wide, and is driven to teach both adults and children about the benefits of yoga and social emotional skills and competencies.


About Candis Ogilvie, M.Ed.

Candis Ogilvie is a former elementary school teacher whose experiences with the education system inspired her to pursue meaningful change for students and teachers alike, through yoga programming in schools throughout West Michigan. Candis believes that responsibility of schools extends beyond academic success, and seeks to provide children with life skills in order to learn and live at their best through family and children’s yoga classes, school programming and coaching.


About Brynne Caleda, M.Ed.

Brynne Caleda is a leader in the field of yoga education. As CEO of Yoga Ed., Brynne champions the efficacy of innovative, evidence-based yoga programs for schools to establish lifelong foundations for student’s fitness, wellness, and productivity. Over the past decade, Brynne has worked closely with educators, health professionals, and parents to enrich school communities with yoga tools to more authentically and effectively teach to their students and children.