Research shows that when schools bring mindfulness into the classroom, students and teachers thrive.

While mindfulness helps teachers reduce their stress and burnout, students gain focus, improve memory, and enhance essential social emotional skills that they’ll take with them no matter what the future holds.

Led by Yoga Ed. CEO and educator Brynne Caleda, this workshop includes a 10 minute mindfulness practice for you to utilize in your classroom, followed by a rich exploration of what mindfulness is, why it is important for schools, and how to put mindfulness into action through yoga.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this workshop…

  • What is mindfulness, and why it matters
  • 4 evidence-backed reasons for bringing mindfulness to classrooms
  • How to utilize yoga as a mindfulness program to help teachers prioritize their own wellness, while maximizing the productivity of their classrooms and improving student outcomes
  • 10 minute mindfulness practice for you to use in your classroom

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About Brynne Caleda, M.Ed.

Brynne Caleda is a leader in the field of yoga education. As CEO of Yoga Ed., Brynne champions the efficacy of innovative, evidence-based yoga programs for schools to establish lifelong foundations for student’s fitness, wellness, and productivity. Over the past decade, Brynne has worked closely with educators, health professionals, and parents to enrich school communities with yoga tools to more authentically and effectively teach to their students and children.