Replenish: 7 Tools for Filling Your Cup

During this time of year, the countdowns to holiday breaks begin as days, weeks, and months are scratched off calendars towards the end of the year. While the need for a break is common in a typical year, the stress and anxiety present as we continue to navigate life in a global pandemic exacerbate the exhaustion and burnout we are feeling.

If you are heading into the winter season with a heavy heart, scattered thoughts, tension in your muscles and an empty tank, you are not alone.

Living in burnout is a hard place to be, and we may struggle to maintain healthy coping strategies. While truly combating burnout as a society will require collective commitment and systemic change, we can develop skills while we work towards change to fill our cups, not only on holidays and long weekends, but also in the moments in-between.

This toolkit aims to support you with seven daily yoga and mindfulness practices to replenish by:

  • Staying in the present moment;
  • Moving your body with intention and kindness;
  • Developing authentic connections with yourself and others

Download your copy today.

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