Mental Health Resources for Families: How to Communicate and Connect with Your Kids

As impactful as these times have been on each of us as adults, this pandemic has also deeply impacted our youth. Children and teens are spending less time with their peers, which can influence mood, behavior and mental health, as well as affect their development. Youth and adults alike—ourselves at Yoga Ed. included—are cycling through thoughts of “I’m fine, we’re fine” and “we are definitely not fine.” In this toolkit, you will find tangible, effective tools to nurture healthy communication and connection as we navigate this uncertain time.

This toolkit is designed as a resource for caregivers in order to:

  • Better understand your own mental health needs and the needs of the youth in your life,

  • Provide ideas for sustaining self-care practices, and

  • Learn practices to support connections between caregivers and youth.

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