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children doing yoga Minds on Mats

Candis Ogilvie founded Minds on Mats in order to bring yoga and mindfulness to youth in Grand Rapids and throughout Western Michigan.

Lauren Greenspan, Director of Counseling

Discover how yoga has benefited the Columbus School for Girls.

What is Trauma-Informed Yoga?

What is trauma, and how can yoga be a part of the solution?

The Accelerated School

Learn how The Accelerated School improves student success with yoga.

Your Brain on Yoga

When you do yoga, you’re not only giving your body a workout.

5 Ways Yoga Supports Your Child’s Development

Using simple yoga breathing, poses, and relaxation techniques as a part of your parenting can help plant the seeds for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Chair Yoga for Focus

Having trouble getting your students learning-ready? Try our lesson plan for focus: a solution that requires no extra tools and very little time out of your school day.

The Science of Yoga Ed.

Although yoga is an ancient discipline that has been practiced for thousands of years, it is increasingly becoming more popular in Western culture as a form of exercise... and for good reason.

Peter Balding, PE Teacher

After Punahou integrated Yoga Ed. into their school curriculum, Peter noticed a fundamental shift in his students.

How to Support the STEAM Framework through Yoga

Learn about innovation & imagination in action through yoga and mindfulness.