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Project Peaceful Warriors

Yoga Ed. has partnered with Project Peaceful Warriors in New Orleans to make sustainability a reality.

Trauma-Informed Yoga Lesson Plan

Develop mind-body resources for students who have experienced trauma.

Supporting Social Emotional Learning with Yoga Programs

What is SEL and why does it matter in schools?

Classroom Relaxation Playlist

Our favorite songs for helping your students calm down and relax. Just press play!

Relaxation for Self-Regulation

Find calm in the face of stress and build self-regulation skills in your classroom.

Earn Course Credit with LMU Extension

Learn more about our partnership with LMU Extension and Yoga Studies.

Transforming Schools with Mindfulness Programs

What is mindfulness, and why are mindfulness program important for schools?

10 Ways Yoga Can Support Your Parenting

Check out these 10 ways Yoga Ed. can support your own parenting journey.

7 Evidence-Backed Reasons to Find Time to Relax

Relaxation offers the opportunity for your students to consciously shift their focus.

15 Evidence-Backed Reasons to Find Time to Move

Yoga postures empower students with a strong foundation for health.

10 Evidence-Backed Reason to Find Time to Breathe

Breathing exercises encourage students to gain control of the breath and body.

Chair Yoga to Build Life Skills

Develop self-awareness and self-regulation by teaching yoga in your classroom.