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Chair Yoga Games for Brain Breaks

Encourage students to explore their bodies and minds through creative play.

Mary Daboul, Teacher

Mary was looking for resources to help her adapt yoga to the classroom.

How to Start a Mindfulness Program at Your School

5 practical tips to get you started.

teens doing yoga Jason Battung, PE Teacher

See how PE Teacher Jason Battung share yoga with his students at Santa Monica High School.

Improving the Health and Wellness of Schools

See for yourself just some of the outcomes that are possible with the power of schools x Yoga Ed.

Download a Curriculum Sample

Our proprietary, evidence-based manuals are the foundation of all of our programs.

The Yoga Ed. Curriculum

Discover the curriculum at the heart of our programs.

amanda photo Amanda Lewig, Teacher

Learn how Amanda brings yoga to her students with online classes.

Mindful Moments Toolkit

Finding mindful moments throughout your day can help cultivate self-awareness and resilience.

Space to Breathe

How to get a mindfulness space started in your classroom.

How Yoga Ed. Benefits Yoga Instructors

We aim to strengthen your skill set and open new opportunities for your personal & professional growth.

3 Tips for Teaching Yoga to Kids

Teaching yoga to children is very different than teaching yoga to adults.