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Chair Yoga to Build Life Skills

Develop self-awareness and self-regulation by teaching yoga in your classroom.

The Evidence Behind Brain Breaks

How can brain breaks benefit your classroom? See what the evidence has to say.

Christy Chadwick, M.S.D.E., RYT

Learn how Christy uses yoga to support students who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Breathing Exercises to Boost Learning

Reduce stress and get focused to optimize student learning.

The Role of Yoga in Physical Education

Bringing a twist to traditional P.E. classes with yoga education.

Download a STEAM Yoga Lesson Plan

Embody STEAM benchmarks with experiential yoga classes.

Download a Common Core Yoga Lesson Plan

Meet Common Core Standards through experiential yoga-based activities.

How to Support the Common Core through Yoga

Apply the common core standards to your classroom through yoga and mindfulness.

JoAnn Wong-Kam, Principal

Learn how Punahou School has implemented yoga to support student outcomes.

What is Yoga Education

What does yoga mean at Yoga Ed., and how does it drive what we do?

Shay Rego, Kindergarten Teacher

See how Shay shares yoga with her children and community.

Yoga Ed. Meets PE and Health Standards

Getting all your students active, no matter their current fitness level.