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Free Online Yoga & Mindfulness Classes for All Ages

Teachers and parents, Yoga Ed. is committed to doing what it takes to support your and your kid’s physical health and mental wellbeing, now and always.

In light of school closures and the current global crisis, we’re offering free access to Online Yoga & Mindfulness Classes for teachers and parents to support the physical and mental health of their children and teens.

Our classes can be used to provide inclusive distance learning options for physical education and brain breaks throughout the virtual school day. All classes are streamable on any device and developmentally appropriate for children and teens.

Benefits of online yoga and mindfulness classes include…

  • The yoga and mindfulness classes allow students to practice yoga on their own time in their chosen safe space. This allows students to feel safe to practice while focusing on their own health and wellness.

  • Students can choose from mat or chair options. This means that students who do not have space, clothing, or equipment for practicing yoga at home can gain the physical and mental health benefits of yoga and mindfulness using just a chair.

  • All classes are educationally based, giving students practical applications of yoga and mindfulness to their own lives. For example, a yoga class for stress reduction provides students with tangible breathing exercises and yoga poses to reduce stress while practicing yoga on the mat or in the chair, as well as activities that they can take off the mat or chair and use in their daily lives.

  • Yoga Ed. classes adhere to guiding principles which set best practices for yoga programs, while not intending to supersede the policies and values of any individual, yoga studio, school, or other organization. You can learn more about our guiding principles here.

  • The class library includes yoga classes for adults, so you can nurture yourself while taking care of the young ones in your life.

Preview the class directory here.

Teachers, here’s a quick start guide for you.

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To receive access for your students or children under the age of 13

Each account is meant for individual and/or family use. Please ensure that you are not sharing your account credentials with a student group. Instead, if you would like your students to access the classes, please direct your student’s parent or guardian to create a family account at sign up. Not only does this ensure the best course experience, it also protects each user’s privacy and security under the regulations of COPPA.

To receive access for yourself, adults, or students over 13

One account for one individual. Not only does this ensure the best course experience, it also protects each user’s privacy and security.

free toolkits

Educational Resources for You and Your Children

In response to the “how to” questions we have been receiving, Yoga Ed. has created new toolkits with simple, easy-to-use yoga & mindfulness tools that you can print, download, and easily share with your kids.

more resources for you

We continue to marvel at the incredible offerings of organizations and individuals worldwide. Below are a few selections from our team, in hopes they may resonate with you and your community.


related resources

How Mindfulness & Yoga Can Address the School Mental Health Crisis

Schools are now on the front line for both students and teachers mental health needs. Chronic stress, overwhelm, and burnout are contributing to teacher attrition, student disengagement, and increasing mental health challenges within the school day.

NAMI Playlist

Yoga Ed. in partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Virginia (NAMI Virginia), co-created this yoga and mindfulness playlist to introduce children, teens, and adults to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to support your mental health.

three young girls doing yoga at home 9 Yoga & Mindfulness Tools for Mental Health

All of the tools you find in this toolkit help cultivate calm, mental health, and overall well being.