December 23, 2021

Mindful Journaling

The last few days of a year can be filled with thoughts and feelings as we reflect on how the past year may have gone and contemplate on how we want to create positive change in the new year.

Journaling is one of our favorite tools to mindfully close out the year. Research has found many benefits to the simple act of writing down our thoughts, including increased self-compassion and enhanced sense of well-being. By offering a moment of self-reflection, we are able to reset and release any residual stress. We also create space to process what has happened, find closure within ourselves, and connect with hope for the moments ahead.

This mindful practice is simple: find your favorite journal or download the pdf worksheet provided below. Take a moment to review the following questions, then write or type your responses. Allow yourself to answer truthfully, without judgement.

Download your worksheet

After you complete the journal prompts, take a moment to notice anything that has changed in your mind and body. We encourage you to revisit your responses to these prompts anytime you are feeling stress, doubt, or uncertainty and may need a gentle reminder to prioritize your own wellbeing. Consider the following questions as you take this moment to reflect:

  1. Was this activity easy or difficult for you?
  2. How did you feel before this activity?
  3. How do you feel after this activity?
  4. Do you notice any changes in your mind and body? (Ex: greater sense of relief, self-compassion, etc.

Did you know?

Research suggests as little as 5 minutes of Yoga Ed. daily can improve mental health.

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