Lauren Greenspan, Director of Counseling

In 2014, Lauren Greenspan joined the team at Columbus School for Girls (CSG) in Columbus, Ohio, as Director of Counseling Services.

But Lauren’s role at CSG extends beyond her students. As a Licensed School Counselor and a dedicated yoga instructor, Lauren is dedicated to supporting the culture of wellness in her school’s community. Through Yoga Ed.’s training programs, Lauren has been able to enhance and expand the yoga programming she spearheaded at CSG, with practical, evidence-based tools she has been able to share with CSG’s students, staff, and in the greater Columbus area.

Bringing yoga to CSG

As the leader of CSG’s Support Services program, Lauren’s primary responsibility is to provide counseling services for her middle and high schools students, supporting their social and emotional health and development. However she also oversees other members of her department, by “establishing a unified vision and direction for emotional wellness and counseling at the school; providing direction and programmatic guidance for faculty-student advising, including the training of advisors; and coordinating all social and emotional programming at the school, including programming to parents and the larger community.”

In face of this large responsibility, Lauren tapped into her creativity and her passion.

“I like the ability find creative solutions to issues, and I love that I can combine two of my passions when bringing wellness programming to our school community: yoga and counseling.” Lauren has been pivotal in developing a broad-range of division-wide and grade-specific yoga programming to address emotional health and wellness for the girls at CSG, including an after-school yoga class for middle school students and the incorporation of mindfulness and yoga techniques in the classroom. With thoughtful dedication to her students, Lauren has been in tune with the emotional health and wellness of her students, while also preparing them for academic success.

Coming together with Yoga Ed.

With her wellness initiatives gaining traction on campus, Lauren decided to continue her own educational journey with Yoga Ed.. Witnessing the profound wellness benefits her students were experiencing through yoga, Lauren wanted to explore how she “could infuse these tools throughout their day so that these wellness benefits could become a part of their everyday life, and not just isolated to yoga class.” She also sought to share what she learned with her colleagues at CSG, “so that these tools could become a comprehensive part of the school community.”


Through the Yoga Ed. trainings, Lauren was able to return to Columbus School for Girls with training and skills mastery to share with her colleagues and develop a more robust yoga program. Building upon the strong foundation she already created, Lauren has now has both chair and mat yoga programs for Pre-K through 12th grade, for the classroom and after-school environments. Equipped with functional yoga tools that are specifically designed with child development in mind, Lauren has been able to promote focus, attention, and self-regulation among students while also combating the culture of stress that is so prevalent in schools. According to Lauren, “teachers and students today face an unprecedented amount of stress and pressure. Yoga programming at our school has helped to equip our students and teachers with tools to manage and release their stress. This has created a more balanced school community.” Plus, by embodying the Yoga Ed. philosophy in her work, Lauren has been able to model the wellness strategies and balance she teaches her students.

The tools that are taught in this program are simple and realistic for a classroom setting. The Yoga Ed. materials are supportive and clearly outline the utility of each exercise.

Lauren Greenspan, Director of Counseling
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