July 1, 2022

New Look, Same Us.

Embodying our values with a new look and better feel.

Over the last decade, Yoga Ed. has grown to be an education movement. An international community of people like you who come to learn, grow, and belong. Together, our purpose is to support the health and wellness of school communities worldwide.

We wanted to make our overall look and feel just as kind, joyful, and impactful to reflect the people and purpose of our growing movement. This year, our team has been working behind the scenes to imagine a new look, better feel that embodies our same, powerful values.

Welcome to Yoga Ed., again.

Simple. Timeless.

We explored many different fonts before landing on this unique font face that we feel captures the heart of Yoga Ed.

Built from strong foundations, our logo has evolved from previous incarnations to create a simple, timeless, joyful, and impactful marque. 

The bouyant letter forms gives the typeface a sense of character, as though the letters are trying to stretch and bend into yoga postures.

We also decided that a lower case wordmark – or the font used to spell out “Yoga Ed.” – allowed the logo to feel more approachable. 

Because Wellness is Primary.

With our new logo, comes a new color palette.

Every child, every educator, deserves access to simple solutions (or tools) for lifelong wellbeing. 

Because we believe that it starts with wellness. Because wellness is fundamental to all else that we do. Because wellness is primary.

Now, Yoga Ed. Red is joined by grounding navy, educational yellow, calm blue, and mauve movement. 

Our new primary color palette reflects the fundamental nature of our work. They also represent the strength, safety, vibrance, and calm that we can embody through yoga and mindfulness.

A little bolder. A little more playful. 

And, hopefully, a feeling of being somewhere new… but it feels like home.

Bringing Our Mission to Life

Our mission is to provide simple tools that help educators and children feel better.

This mission underpins every decision, every program, every experience. From the mindful moments we all deserve, to the lifelong impacts of our yoga and mindfulness programs.

We aimed to reimagine a new online experience that brings this mission, this work to life. 

When you open up our site and our Academy, things feel a little bolder. We have our new logos and colors on all pages. Educational tool tips follow you across the site to share bite-sized takeaways. And we also have some playful design elements across the site – they love to play and are waiting for you to engage with them!

Learn more about our new Academy here.

For now, you will notice that many of our videos and training courses will still have the previous Yoga Ed. logo. As the year goes on, you may see additional updates, such as updated videos, educational materials, and animations. We just want to make sure they’re ready first.

An Education Movement, Together with You.

Today’s the dawn of a new phase of Yoga Ed. 

We’re grateful to be growing Yoga Ed., an education movement, together with you.

Celebrate with us!

Head on over to our Summer Wellness Party to celebrate with us. 

How do you feel about our new look?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you think on social @weareyogaed or leave us a message.

Did you know?

Research suggests as little as 5 minutes of Yoga Ed. daily can improve mental health.

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