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Loyola Marymount University is a Catholic, four-year university nestled in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. In keeping with its liberal arts tradition, LMU remains dedicated to creating a rich and diverse academic environment that is firmly grounded in practical experience and applications.

LMU Extension reflects this commitment.

As the continuing education program of Loyola Marymount, LMU Extension offers professional certificate programs, continuing education courses, training and other coursework that link knowledge with practice, allowing the public to pursue lifelong learning and enrichment opportunities that best serve their needs. For the past decade, Yoga Studies has been an integral part of LMU Extension, offering the public continuing education opportunities in yoga through a variety of workshops, teacher trainings, and certification programs.

In 2014, Yoga Ed. partnered with the Yoga Studies Department of LMU Extension, joining a high-caliber offering of certifications and training programs that are backed by LMU’s commitment to excellence. With a mutual devotion to evidence-based education and practical outreach, LMU and Yoga Ed. have begun a promising partnership with enormous potential for enacting meaningful change.

Empowering graduate students to explore new possibilities.

In 2012, the Yoga Studies program of LMU Extension grew into an accredited graduate program, the first master program of its kind in the United States. This two-year program allows students to delve deeper into the history, philosophy, practice and benefits of yoga, earning a Master in Arts in Yoga Studies to propel them forward in their careers.

Because Yoga Studies graduate students must take a prerequisite course through the LMU Extension, Yoga Ed.’s online course options give Yoga Studies graduate students the opportunity to put their passion into action. Whether they take a course in order to enhance their understanding of child and teen development, brain-based learning, or trauma-informed practices, or because they want to pursue credentialing for professional opportunities in or out of the classroom, Yoga Ed. sets students up for success, deepening mastery and opening up concrete career paths for students to pursue their vocation. Yoga Ed. courses add a degree of specialization and allow students to express their personal interests, providing a complementary piece to their standardized curriculum.

Bringing new skillsets to working professionals.

Outside of the Yoga Studies graduate program, individuals with a drive to learn can enroll in Yoga Ed. courses through LMU Extension for personal and professional development. Each Yoga Ed. online training is offered as an individual course, where learners can earn 3.5 credit hours toward college credits, salary points, or continuing education hours. Plus, Yoga Ed. programs are certified by the Yoga Alliance as continuing education courses and participants to earn designation of Yoga Educator with Yoga Ed. Whether learners allows learners to explore the benefits of yoga on their own through the extension program, so that they might choose to enter masters program.

Enhancing community outreach.

Yoga Ed. and LMU Extension share a devotion to empowering communities through education. Our trainings provide students with practical, hands-on experience that they can bring directly to the children and teens in their lives — in schools, community centers, nonprofits, and even at home. With opportunities for local mentorship and observation at a Los Angeles high school, participants get an experiential and comprehensive learning experience. And because Yoga Ed. meets National Standards for PE, it’s even easier for participants to take what they learn directly to kids and teens in academic environments, where the potential for impact is huge.


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Megan Drissell Carroll, MPH, CHES, RYT is a public health professional based in Saint Louis, Missouri. She has a special interest in how yoga and mindfulness can support health, wellbeing, and longevity, and nerds out over all things anatomy, physiology, and gender studies.

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