Back Home in the Heart: A Return to Joy for the Holidays

‘Tis the season of gratitude and reflection, of homecomings and joyous tidings… At least, that’s what the end-of-year holiday time usually brings. While we acknowledge that this year has been anything but usual, simply saying “2020 is different” feels like too obvious an understatement.

Many of us simply aren’t ready or even willing to reflect on a year of thwarted plans, grave safety concerns, and extraordinary challenges to our core values and identities. Even so, we realize that some kind of closure, however small or personal, is essential to moving forward with courage and wholeheartedness.

With this toolkit, we share our favorite practices for heart-centered breathwork, movement and mindful presence. The journey of returning to joy can carry us through sorrow, anger or exhaustion, and we provide tools here to support you with release, relief and rest.

In this toolkit, you’ll find practices for:

  • Hope

  • Rest

  • Reflection

  • Joy

  • Connection

  • Processing Grief

  • Letting Go

  • Sitting with Stress

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